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I am a ‘Yemeniya’ meaning a woman from Yemen/Yemeni woman.

In the midst of the current ongoing peaceful revolution in Yemen, aiming at toppling the Saleh regime that has suffocated Yemen for 33 yrs, I am frustrated at the passive and distanced stance of western politicians  and western media from the simple Yemeni who has taken to the streets demanding his/her basic human rights. The right to freedom, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Western politicians have clearly bought into the fear mongering image that Saleh has portrayed of Yemen and Yemenis–as “separatists”, “civil war” and “Qaeda” potential projects .

Don’t get me wrong, those Yemenis who have taken to the streets for months now are in no way looking to the west for approval or validation for their freedom movement. Neither do I. Rather in the spirit of building bridges between  us, the future of a Saleh-free-Yemen, and the west we welcome you to educate yourselves of who we really are, and how we think. I am but one of the many Yemeni voices  crying at the top of their lungs: “We are asking for the stepping down of the dictator Saleh and his corrupt regime.”

Hence, the birth of this blog.

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  1. hadeer sabry

    Amazing piece………..concise, precise ‘n’ to the point mashallah! Esp “are in no way looking to the west for approval or validation for their freedom movement.

  2. Hi, and thank you for the blog. My daughter lives in Sana’a, and I’ve been there 3 times in the last three years, two months at a time. She loves it there. She had married a Yemeni, and after 10 years of trying to “make it” economically in the US, they went back to Yemen and ended up staying for economic reasons, and she considered it a better place to raise her children.
    Anyway I’m somewhat hesitant to speak my mind on a blog, because now that it’s been revealed that the USA is conducting a secret CIA war there complete with DRONES, and is building a secret air base in the area to better murder Yemenis deemed alqaida, (and any families in the way) will I, and others be at risk participating here? ……….I will say I’m amazed at the integrity and intelligence of the Yemeni people I’ve met and heard speak on TV in Sana’a. Even the very poor and illiterate, have cell phones, and are spreading the good word to one another to make societal change. I hope the very best for all of you.

  3. Hello,
    I am Yemenia as Well.What a coincidence, I study English literature at University of Malaya.. identity is an essential theme in my master dissertation.


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